My “Go To” Shoe

When I was working in Downtown Dallas – my “go to” Shoe was what used to be called a “Stewardess Heel” – a medium heel with a closed toe- the exact style depending on what heel and toe shapes were in style that season – no straps, and always black.

Some seasons it was more comfortable than others – but generally flattering to the calf and acceptable to my company’s dress code policy.

I’ve no complaints – I had a closet full of them – I admit I am a pack rate and hate to throw anything away!  But now that I get to work from my home office – I get a little more freedom. So my new, “go to” shoe is actually a bootie – still black – this time suede instead of leather – and extremely comfortable.  I can wear it all day and when I take them off – my feet don’t ache – not even my toes!  Plus I can wear it with pants of any length, dresses and even my faded old, jeans.



Post from Steve

The hottest new trend for Fall and Winter 2016 is Fringe.  Let me give you a little more detail on the type of fringe I’m seeing – it’s the type of fringe you might remember from the past that decorated an old western style jacket.  Yes, that leather jacket that was lined with leather fringe on the sleeves, on the back yoke, anywhere they could put it – that’s  what I’m talking about…..But take it one step beyond that to other accessories.  Purses, boots, pants, all with fringe are the hottest new trend.

And for those of you, not into leather or suede – we’ve seen it in all type of faux -leather and faux suede – enjoy!!