The French Mystique Continues

I just returned from a wonderful trip to France – and even though its been twenty years since my last visit – French women still have “it”!  They look like they spend no time on their makeup or clothes and yet they all look amazing – like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!  How do they do it?

It just looks effortless!  Here is what I saw over and over – a black leather jacket, a pair of well fitting jeans or pants, a scarf, and a pair of boots – that’s it!  I wore the same thing and I assure you – I did not make the same statement.  Its got to be the attitude – I wonder how you get it?  My guess is if you have to ask – you don’t have it and probably never will!


Cold Weather Has Arrived in Colorado!

OK – the beautiful fall Colorado weather has left us and will be replaced by frigid cold – tomorrow night will be a low of 20 degrees bottoming out at 7 degrees next Wednesday.

So, I was looking for ideas as to how to stay warm but still look stylish.  Went to my favorite website for fashion tips – Stitchfix – it advised to brighten up winter by wearing burgundy, cobalt blue or bright fuschia, and mix and match it with neutrals.  They say wearing a cherry color may even be a mood lifter.

Another idea was to try a statement scarf – its versatile, practical and very stylish – wear it around your next or wear it over your outer layer – the more casual way you wear it – the  better!

Finally – for that outer layer – consider wearing a vest (super warm, less bulky and very chic) or a puffer coat – they are back in style in again!  Look for a cinched waist style and pair it with over the knee boots.

Over the knee boots – can you say “Pretty Woman”? Would  love to try on a pair – but not sure I have the nerve!  But I’ve got 3 long months to get my courage up!  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just be wearing my ankle boots.