The French Mystique Continues

I just returned from a wonderful trip to France – and even though its been twenty years since my last visit – French women still have “it”!  They look like they spend no time on their makeup or clothes and yet they all look amazing – like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!  How do they do it?

It just looks effortless!  Here is what I saw over and over – a black leather jacket, a pair of well fitting jeans or pants, a scarf, and a pair of boots – that’s it!  I wore the same thing and I assure you – I did not make the same statement.  Its got to be the attitude – I wonder how you get it?  My guess is if you have to ask – you don’t have it and probably never will!


Who Doesn’t Love a Good Pair of Flared Pants?

Post from Julie

I just found 2 great pairs of over-sized flared pants or in earlier times, bell bottoms. Of course, they are a little out of my budget – but in case they fit in yours – I wanted to pass them on.

The first are by a young designer with ties to Bogata, Miami and Paris – Esteban Cortazar – the pair I saw first, were in white (with a great frayed hem) and then I found another pair by CE – this pair with a high waist, in a nice denim fabric.

The other really fun pair I found was by Loha Vete – I saw these in a black jean, with a very wide bell. Their website is a bit out there, but I did like that pair of jeans!

All of them were in the $400 plus range – but still – I can wish!!!