Fashion is all About the Attitude

After thinking about what really makes a style fashionable – I really think its the way you carry it off – whatever you are wearing.  I really don’t think the style matters – if you own it – you make it.

If you feel uncomfortable in it – it owns you.  Don’t even bother putting it on.  For example – if you think the neckline is too low for you – then it is too low . You will keep trying to pull it up.   If you think the dress is too tight – it is too tight – you will keep tugging on it, trying to make it fit the way you want it to –  none of this  exudes a feeling of confidence, and anyone seeing you in it will not see the outfit, they will just see your discomfort.

So if you don’t feel good in it when you try it on to buy it – take it from me – DON’T BUY IT.  Unless you can train yourself to put it on and forget about it – it will just end up taking up space in your closet and in my case – being a daily reminder of what I should not have bought!

A Little Sparkle for the Holidays

I was just looking at some of the catalogs that have been arriving and it looks like “sparkle” will once again be the way to go for the Holidays!  I love a little Glitz and dressing up – even if I probably will be spending most of the Holidays at home.

My favorite so far?  Those little clip-ons for shoes that WHBM is showing this year.  Maybe because it reminds me of some of the boot bling Steve and I are so fond of creating?  How can you not like a little sparkle on your feet?  Makes me think of Cinderella and her wonderful glass slippers!

I vote for a clingy black dress, a pair of sleek black stiletto heels adorned with a touch of rhinestones, surrounded by family, friends and good food and drink – what could be better to welcome in the new year?

The French Mystique Continues

I just returned from a wonderful trip to France – and even though its been twenty years since my last visit – French women still have “it”!  They look like they spend no time on their makeup or clothes and yet they all look amazing – like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!  How do they do it?

It just looks effortless!  Here is what I saw over and over – a black leather jacket, a pair of well fitting jeans or pants, a scarf, and a pair of boots – that’s it!  I wore the same thing and I assure you – I did not make the same statement.  Its got to be the attitude – I wonder how you get it?  My guess is if you have to ask – you don’t have it and probably never will!


There’s No Place Like Jamaica

Post From Steve:

I recently traveled over to Jamaica for a vacation. I really didn’t do very much research on the island other than I’ve know some friends that have traveled over to Jamaica; some love it others found it to be just ok. I can’t pinpoint why, but I too found it just ok. One reason for the soft review was the crazy amount of humidity. Yes, I know it’s an island but I really haven’t experienced this level of humidity and heat on any of the surrounding islands I’ve visited.

Post From Steve:

I recently traveled over to Jamaica for a vacation. I really didn’t do very much research on the island other than I’ve know some friends that have traveled over to Jamaica; some love it others found it to be just ok. I can’t pinpoint why, but I too found it just ok. One reason for the soft review was the crazy amount of humidity. Yes, I know it’s an island but I really haven’t experienced this level of humidity and heat on any of the surrounding islands I’ve visited.

Another item to note if you visit Jamaica, they travel in the opposite side of the road from us in the United States.

Now on the fashion side, I saw just about every conceivable range of clothing. From shabby t-shirts and shorts to dress to kill, it just depended on at what time and where. In Montego Bay, there’s an area of clubs called the “hip strip” where the younger crowds visit. Here it was the women showing off as much skin as possible. If you read that women’s dresses are getting more conservative and longer; that is not happening in Jamaica. Wish I could tell yout here was some common theme, there just wasn’t one other than less is more. You can almost say the same thing if you had the body, it was wear whatever shows off your assets.

I am by no means suggesting you not visit Jamaica, it’s really pretty and the people are really friendly.

Post from Julie

When we went to Jamaica last year we had a wonderful time – there was some humidity but the afternoon rain cleared it out, so the evenings were beautiful. Maybe the difference is that I have lived in South Florida, so perhaps he humidity didn’t bother me as much. I do agree with Steve that with so many visitors from so many places, in the way of fashion, anything goes!

I also agree with Steve, you will not go to many places where the people are friendlier or happier to have you there.

Fashion in Austin

Post from Steve:

Think fashion is different in the city you travel? I think most people would say yes, but at the same time not realize how drastically fashion can change just a few hundreds of miles away. Take for example my trip to Austin TX. Austin has always been known to be the “different” and “unique” city in Texas. Austin goes by the motto, “Keep Austin Weird” and they do honor their motto.
Being the State Capital as well as housing one of the largest universities in the country, there is a social economic mix there that is unique to just a few places in the U.S. You’ll likely see a billionaire and a student frequenting the same bar or restaurant. Talk about extremes, from high fashion to college grunge.
While some establishments would frown on this diversity, it’s actually embraced in Austin. I think they may have something going here….maybe other place should adopt.

Make the Best of it

Just about anyone would recognize the fashion expert Tim Gunn from the long running “Project Runway” television show. Tim isn’t just a invented fashion celebrity, he’s been involved with fashion and it’s design for most of his life. It was only recently I heard him interviewed and was impressed with how knowledgeable, common sensed, and kind he was to everyone.

His trade mark saying, “Make it work” goes way back and is commonly used in his Fashion Project show. Tim’s who intent here is to steer the contestant to not just keep trying an idea, working a little on it, and then abandoning it to start a new design. It’s more of a life lesson to work with what you have, come up with solutions, and whatever the end result, make the best of it.

This is a lesson that I think all of us can use at times.

My Guilty Secret

For those of your in the warmer climes – Spring has already arrived. But for those of us in the snowier regions – we’ve had a couple of days of warm weather and now are ready for more!

Like most of you, I’ve just finished cleaning my closet and getting rid of stuff that I should have taken out of there years ago! Its really bad when even your grandchildren ask you to please tell them you never actually went out of the house in those striped pants (yes I own a pair of candy striped pink and white pedal pushers- I could say they were capris and sound a little more stylist- but I’ve had them longer than that term has been around!)

But I can’t believe that I am the only one holding on to clothes that have long outlived their expiration date. I hope you will let me know your guilty secret. I’ve confessed mine and supposedly admission is half way to being cured.

Renewed Interest in Fashion?

Post from Steve

Regardless if you are a Donald Trump Fan or Donald Trump Hater the new first lady has renewed most Women with an interest in interest in fashionable or at least on Malania Trump’s take on fashion. Her outfits for the Inauguration were stunning. Just glance at any of the popular women’s fashion magazines and there is a high probability that she will be on the cover. If she’s not on the cover, there’s an article on what she wore at one public appearance or another.Time will tell is she will be able to influence the current trends in fashion. I for one, am growing tired of the standard yoga uniform everyone seems to favor for everyday wear.

Aging – Not for the fainthearted!

Post From Julie:

I know its a cliche – but aging is not for the fainthearted.  What are your options? Do you age gracefully?  Do you fight it tooth and nail? Do you just give in and accept the inevitable? Its not an easy decision to make.

Everything seems to shift, drop, and wrinkle.  Just writing about this is depressing. To be honest, I go through stages.  Some days I just give in; other days, I want to push it off as long as I can.

Do I want to be 21 again? No, I really don’t – but I’m not ready to watch Jepoardy while having my dinner, eating on TV trays either.

When it comes to fashion and aging – we don’t seem to have many choices- we either wear styles that really were designed for our daughters (or even worse- our granddaughters), or we retreat to styles that are – to be charitable – comfortable and able to hide a multitude of sins.

I think we should revolt – I think we should have our own sense of style, something that the other generations want to copy.  Why can’t we be the trendsetters? I think its time we take the lead.  What’s that line? Nobody puts Baby in the corner.


The only Other Constant: Fashion Will Repeat Itself

Post From Steve:

One thing you can always count on – fashion is constantly changing/  Currently leggings and athletic wear are the rage.  Just about anywhere you go you’ll see a high percentage of women dressed in leggings or some other type of athletic clothing.

I know the comfort factor has to be one of the reasons this look took off and has stayed around for a few years now.  But all this is about to change.  The new style coming out is about as far from skin tight as you can go.  What’s this new trend?  Over-sized Bell Bottom jeans and slacks.  Talk about counter opposites! For those of us that can remember the 70’s – this style was around then – and I wasn’t a big fan then and don’t think I will be this time either.

For retailers to survive, I guess they have to shake things up a bit – but this wouldn’t have been my choice!  Get ready for this one to hit your favorite store soon!


Response from Julie:

Come on Steve – bell bottoms were a lot of fun to wear!  I’ve already bought myself a pair and love wearing them!  I hope its a style that will stay around for while!!!!