Fashion is all About the Attitude

After thinking about what really makes a style fashionable – I really think its the way you carry it off – whatever you are wearing.  I really don’t think the style matters – if you own it – you make it.

If you feel uncomfortable in it – it owns you.  Don’t even bother putting it on.  For example – if you think the neckline is too low for you – then it is too low . You will keep trying to pull it up.   If you think the dress is too tight – it is too tight – you will keep tugging on it, trying to make it fit the way you want it to –  none of this  exudes a feeling of confidence, and anyone seeing you in it will not see the outfit, they will just see your discomfort.

So if you don’t feel good in it when you try it on to buy it – take it from me – DON’T BUY IT.  Unless you can train yourself to put it on and forget about it – it will just end up taking up space in your closet and in my case – being a daily reminder of what I should not have bought!