Fall colors of Pantone

According to Pantone, “Dried Herb” is an olive green shade once thought of only for military garb or to wear when going on safari – its now thought of as “sophisticated and chic.”  To be fair, that description makes it sound drab and very unfeminine, but really when paired with a bold color, it really earns that sophistication title.

“Desert Sage” is a greenish gray that really is a great neural that will make you feel inspired.  Pantone says it makes a powerful statement on its own, and makes one think of things that are real and not invented.  I don’t know about that, but it is a lovely, soothing color.

“Stormy Weather” is a strong blue gray that does remind me of the sky during an afternoon thunderstorm.  I think this color is a powerful color that I can see some gorgeous ruby accessories to partner with.  Pantone describes this one as cool, dependable and above all content.  To me, it looks a lot more like unpredictable, and therefore even more exciting.

Check out their website at Pantone.com and let me know which of their 3 Fall colors is your favorite and what color accessories you see with each.