Custom Shoes and Boots – a Dream Come True

I have a problem when it comes to finding comfortable shoes and boots.  I’m pretty average in height and weight – can buy clothes off the rack and really not need much in the way of alterations – except for my footwear!

The only way I can describe my feet are duck like.  I have a very wide foot, a high arch and very thin heels – so if I get something that is comfortable on my toes, its too wide for my heel, and if I get something that is comfortable for my arch – the rest of my foot isn’t happy.

I am a weekend jogger, so I have purchased running shoes with special inserts – and they have worked out well.  So I decided, I would see what was out there in the way of custom boots and shoes.

My first online search brought me to Shoes of Prey.  They are out of Australia but ship international.  They offer a free questionnaire to help determine your true shoe size – I generally wear a 7 – 7 1/2 – the results of my questionnaire – I should wear a 6C.  How crazy is that?

The sad news?   It appears that Shoes of Prey has stopped accepting  orders – looking for new funding options. I hope they find it – their style options were okay and their price points were actually affordable – usually under $200 – while most of the custom footwear sites I visited started at about $300 and went up dramatically from there.