History of Beads

Beads have been used in many cultures for centuries. The word “bead” comes from the Anglo Saxon words bidden, to Pray. Beads have been used as money and worn as jewelry to bring wisdom and fortune to the wearer. Beads have been found dating back nearly 40,000 years and made from pebbles, shells, teeth, claws, clay, glass and more.

Glass became an important material in bead making with its discovery around 4000 years ago. Glass beads and hand-crafted beaded jewelry have long been associated with the Roman Empire as well as early Mediterranean, Egyptian, and Venetian cultures.

What Your Birthday Color Says About You

Post from Julie

Both Steve and I have big birthdays this summer so birthdays have been on my mind. I found a cool book written by Michele Bernhardt – “Colorstrology – What Your Birthday Says About You.”

According to Michele – My birthday color is Musk Melon – and its says I’m loving, idealistic and tolerant – I think that’s probably s stretch, but I do love the color!

For Steve – his birthday color is Orange Ochre – it says he’s intelligent, sophisticated and ambitious – not sure about that either (the ambitious, not the intelligence) – but the color is pretty close to burnt orange – which I know Steve bleeds – especially when the Horns have an off football season!

The colors are lovely, its fun to check out your friends and family’s birth dates and see if the color and the characteristics fit them. The book even comes with color swatches for you to tear out and carry about with you – so you’ll always have the exact shade of your birthday color on hand to make the perfect color purchase.

The World of Blue Jeans

Post by Steve

In the last 20 years the world of women’s jeans has had an enormous shift.  What was a dominance of old established names shifted to high end designer brands.  Call it a genius marketing ploy, or just a need to add some variety to a staple in everyone’s closet.  I know many people doubted the shift to high end, expensive, designer jeans would be successful.  Not only was it successful, but some of these brands now outsell the old established names such as Levi and Wrangler.

As the old saying goes, everything comes back around.  It’s now happening in Jeans.  It seems that “old is new”” and Levi’s and the older brands are starting to earn back their market share.  This shift might partly be attributed to new marketing campaigns, but I think it’s more of a retro movement to bring back the classics.

Needless to say, there’s room for both.  High end for those special nights out when you dress to impress, but the old established when you just want to put on something and run around town.










My Favorite Time of the Year!

Post by Steve

It’s right around the corner – my favorite time of the year – Football Season!  While the weather is still unbearably hot right now, it won’t be long before the season starts to change and we’ll have that cool, crisp air that just symbolizes football.

Going to the game – everyone has their own way to show their patronage to their team.  With most people, it starts with a football jersey.  Others  hold up signs and banners  to show support and still others elect to their paint their body in their team’s colors; everyone has their own spin on how to show who they are backing.

Want a unique way to show your loyalty?  Jeanette Jervais Designs has an entire collection of customized jewelry to match you team’s colors.  What better way to show your spirit……with a little flair!

The Death of the Shopping Mall

Post from Steve

All one has to do now to understand the shift in shopping habits is to talk with a Gen-X or a Millennial.  The days of going to the local mall to shop are dwindling away.  More and more malls are facing rising vacancy rates and falling into bankruptcy.  Amazon has taken over, at least to a large extent on day to day consumable goods.  What does that mean for fashion  and new trends?  It’s  anybody’s guess as to where it will go from here.  Will Amazon take over everything…..doubtful but it does appear they will continue to build on their market share – at least for the foreseeable future.

There will always be a need for specialty boutiques.  Only when you can feel and experience the look of an expensive new outfit will the shopper be confident enough to fork over their hard earned money, at least until the internet can replicate this experience.  While the shift to internet shopping will only continue to trend up, time will tell how and when this shift will level out.

Pantone Color of the Year 2008 – 2016 (Part II)

Post from Julie

Excerpts from “Pantone on Fashion” By Leatrice Eiseman and E. P. Cutler

Year – ColorExplanation

2008 – Blue Iris – Combining the stability of blue with the mystical qualities of purple

2009 – Mimosa – A color to express hope and optimism in a time of political and historical change

2010 – Turquoise – A color to restore the sense of well being we all needed

2011 – Honeysuckle – A shade to elevate the psyche, and help meet the challenges of modern life

2012 – Tangerine Tango – For a recharging boost of energy

2013 – Emerald – To promote insight, balance and harmony

2014 – Radiant Orchid – To encourage innovation, originality to creative thinking

As the Book stopped with 2014, I had to research they picked for 2015 and 2016:

2015 – Marsala – It enriches our body, mind, and soul

2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity – the first time 2 colors were chosen in combination – reflecting connection and wellness, as a soothing sense of order and peace.

Pantone Color of the Year – Part One – From 2000 – 2007

Post from Julie
More from “Pantone on Fashion” written by Leatrice Eiseman and E. P. Cutler

Below is a list of the Colors of the Year, as selected by Pantone – and recaptured in “Pantone on Fashion” Do you remember where you were and what you where wearing back then:

Year Color Explanation
2000 Cerlean Fears of Y2K – required a calm yet inspirational color

2001 Fuchsia Rose The dawn of a new Century – a bright color to lead the way

2002 True Red Red – the color of patriotism – in many countries – and after 911, a swell of emotion swept across the world.

2003 Aqua Sky The world needed a color to bring them peace and comfort

2004 Tigerlily The worst things in people’s life, the more they need bright colors

2005 Blue Turquoise Bringing both a feeling of calmness and hope

2006 Sand Dollar The world turned towards all things more natural and organic

2007 Chili Pepper A mix of global cultural awareness – a great color example

Which is your favorite? Why?

Santorini Blue

Post from Steve:

One of the hottest fashion color combinations this summer is “Santorini Blue and  White.”  Being someone that has been fortunate enough to visit Greece and has gotten to see the white washed buildings painted in these cooling colors first hand, it’s easy to  see why these colors are the hit of summer fashion.  The color just transforms you to the laid back island with pristine blue waters and incredible food.  For more inspiration about using this color combination in your own wardrobe, I would check out https:www.pinterest.com/stitchfix/summer-trends.  They have ideas for everyone’s style and taste.

If you want to add just a touch of Santorini Blue to your wardrobe, check out what Jeanette Jervais Designs has in stock – or let us design a piece to compliment thus summer’s coolest fashion trend.

Pantone on Fashion – A Century of Color in Design – by Eiseman & Cutler

Post from Julie

I Found a great book that I’m just starting to read – by Leatice Eiseman & E. P. Cutler. Always wondered where the opening musical number “Think Pink” in the movie “Funny Face” came from – it came from one of the worst disasters of the fashion industry trying to force consumers into picking colors for them.

Eiseman writes “Fashion is a dialogue between designers and consumers, the gatekeepers (like fashion journalists and editors) as intermediaries, not dictators. Designers propose their vision of the future through the medium of their collections, gatekeepers champion their favorites, and consumers either embrace them or shun them.”

I guess the life of a designer really is the life of a gambler. You hope your vision fits the vision of your clientele. I know Steve and I feel that way, we hope our clients like the majority of our designs – but we can’t realistically expect them to like all of them!

Boots- The New Sexy

Post from Steve

Boots…. the new sexy. I am amazed at the trend for women’s boots to be worn year round, but then again, maybe I’m not when I think about it. From a guy’s perspective, a boot stacks almost equal with a stiletto heel when it comes to being perceived as sexy. Both the stiletto and the boot do the same thing, they stretch the woman’s profile, and add height. While many women can’t wear stilettoes, the boot offers the same benefits but yet gives more support which opens up the amount of women that can sport this new trend. Needless to say, the fashion industry has embraced this trend and all you need to do is visit your local mall and observe the number of women wearing boots, both young and old.