The Perfect Bathing Suit

As I write this, I am also watching it snow – so its no wonder my mind has turned to dreaming about a beach vacation!

I don’ know about you, but I am always on the hunt for that perfect bathing suit.  The one I can wear to swim in but also tan without too many lines and that I actually feel good in.

I usually have to settle for two out of three – not sure I’ve ever managed to get all three with one suit!  and so the hunt begins!

Do I want one in a fiery red like the Baywatch girls? (No – not the same cut!) Or one in bright 60s colors and patterns (like I had growing up) Or maybe in classic black? (but those always seem so humdrum). Maybe a black & white one – like the Bond girls always wear!

Fashion is all About the Attitude

After thinking about what really makes a style fashionable – I really think its the way you carry it off – whatever you are wearing.  I really don’t think the style matters – if you own it – you make it.

If you feel uncomfortable in it – it owns you.  Don’t even bother putting it on.  For example – if you think the neckline is too low for you – then it is too low . You will keep trying to pull it up.   If you think the dress is too tight – it is too tight – you will keep tugging on it, trying to make it fit the way you want it to –  none of this  exudes a feeling of confidence, and anyone seeing you in it will not see the outfit, they will just see your discomfort.

So if you don’t feel good in it when you try it on to buy it – take it from me – DON’T BUY IT.  Unless you can train yourself to put it on and forget about it – it will just end up taking up space in your closet and in my case – being a daily reminder of what I should not have bought!

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Another Oscar awards night has come and gone and this year the jewelry stole the show!  From Helen Mirren’s gorgeous necklace from Harry Winston  to Charlize Theron’s stunning necklace from Bulgari to Lady Gaga’s absolutely sensational yellow diamond drop necklace totaling 128.54 carats from Tiffany & Co that amazed all of us!

A throw back to the golden years of Hollywood?

Whats still on Your 2019 Resolution List?

I don’t know  about you, but this was the first year in a long time that I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution List.  I’m not sure why, perhaps its because I forget them before the end of February.

This year I decided to do something different.  A friend suggested that I watch the Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo“. I can never get myself organized or find the right place for anything.

I can’t tell you how much a few episodes of this show helped me.  My interpretation of the show is “Get rid of anything that doesn’t give you joy.”  As a result, I was able to get rid of at least 4 boxes of clothes, shoes and accessories.

The feeling of letting go was wonderful!  I think it gave me a wonderful jump start for the new year – I feel much more accomplished than I have in years.  I’ve even cleaned out my jewelry supply closet – it made my husband really happy!


I highly recommend you  check out that Netflix series – it really will change your world!

A Little Sparkle for the Holidays

I was just looking at some of the catalogs that have been arriving and it looks like “sparkle” will once again be the way to go for the Holidays!  I love a little Glitz and dressing up – even if I probably will be spending most of the Holidays at home.

My favorite so far?  Those little clip-ons for shoes that WHBM is showing this year.  Maybe because it reminds me of some of the boot bling Steve and I are so fond of creating?  How can you not like a little sparkle on your feet?  Makes me think of Cinderella and her wonderful glass slippers!

I vote for a clingy black dress, a pair of sleek black stiletto heels adorned with a touch of rhinestones, surrounded by family, friends and good food and drink – what could be better to welcome in the new year?

The French Mystique Continues

I just returned from a wonderful trip to France – and even though its been twenty years since my last visit – French women still have “it”!  They look like they spend no time on their makeup or clothes and yet they all look amazing – like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine!  How do they do it?

It just looks effortless!  Here is what I saw over and over – a black leather jacket, a pair of well fitting jeans or pants, a scarf, and a pair of boots – that’s it!  I wore the same thing and I assure you – I did not make the same statement.  Its got to be the attitude – I wonder how you get it?  My guess is if you have to ask – you don’t have it and probably never will!


Boots – Choosing Your Shaft Length

For years the most exciting thing about picking out a new pair of boots was the “heel” style – and whether you wanted black, brown and if you were really adventurous – cordovan.  That is no longer the case.  Now you pick out your next pair of boots by “shaft” length. (The height of the shaft measured from the middle of the arch up the outsole of the boot to the top of the boot shaft in inches. (Definition taken from Zappos measurement guide).


Ankle – boot shaft height is 3″ to 8 3/4″

Mid-Calf – boot shaft height is 9″ to 13 1/2″

Knee-High –  Boot shaft height is 13 3/4″to 17 3/4″

Over – the Knee – Boot shaft height is 18″ or higher

This table is taken from Nordstrom’s Measuring Guide.  They use a women’s size 8 1/2 to measure their boot shaft heights.



My “Go To” Shoe

When I was working in Downtown Dallas – my “go to” Shoe was what used to be called a “Stewardess Heel” – a medium heel with a closed toe- the exact style depending on what heel and toe shapes were in style that season – no straps, and always black.

Some seasons it was more comfortable than others – but generally flattering to the calf and acceptable to my company’s dress code policy.

I’ve no complaints – I had a closet full of them – I admit I am a pack rate and hate to throw anything away!  But now that I get to work from my home office – I get a little more freedom. So my new, “go to” shoe is actually a bootie – still black – this time suede instead of leather – and extremely comfortable.  I can wear it all day and when I take them off – my feet don’t ache – not even my toes!  Plus I can wear it with pants of any length, dresses and even my faded old, jeans.


Custom Shoes and Boots – a Dream Come True

I have a problem when it comes to finding comfortable shoes and boots.  I’m pretty average in height and weight – can buy clothes off the rack and really not need much in the way of alterations – except for my footwear!

The only way I can describe my feet are duck like.  I have a very wide foot, a high arch and very thin heels – so if I get something that is comfortable on my toes, its too wide for my heel, and if I get something that is comfortable for my arch – the rest of my foot isn’t happy.

I am a weekend jogger, so I have purchased running shoes with special inserts – and they have worked out well.  So I decided, I would see what was out there in the way of custom boots and shoes.

My first online search brought me to Shoes of Prey.  They are out of Australia but ship international.  They offer a free questionnaire to help determine your true shoe size – I generally wear a 7 – 7 1/2 – the results of my questionnaire – I should wear a 6C.  How crazy is that?

The sad news?   It appears that Shoes of Prey has stopped accepting  orders – looking for new funding options. I hope they find it – their style options were okay and their price points were actually affordable – usually under $200 – while most of the custom footwear sites I visited started at about $300 and went up dramatically from there.

Boots – a pair for every taste!

I admit, I have a boot obsession – after having to wear black pumps most of my adult life – nothing sounds better to me than slipping into a comfortable pair of boots!

I try to limit myself to one pair of new boots for the spring and summer time and one pair for the fall and winter.  So its time to look for my fall/winter pair!  I don’t like to decide too quickly or it will make for a long wait before I get to  shop again.  So I decided to start with an online search to see what was out there this season.

I stopped after my first 2 searches – Nordstrom’s had over 125 pages of boots and DSW had over 30 pages – and no – I did not scroll thru all of those pages to see if they were really all boots!

But I looked thru enough to know that there are a lot more types of boots than when I was young.  Here is a sample of what we women now have to choose from:

  • Over the knee boots – I would love to try on a pair – but where do you wear them?
  • Booties – more styles and colors than I could possibly try on in a weekend shopping trip!
  • Cowboy Boots – now who hasn’t wanted to be a cowgirl at one time or another?
  • Riding Boots (even though most of us don’t ride and probably never will!)
  • Moccasins – they look so soft and comfy – but so far I have not succumbed!
  • Classic Black Boots – these have gone from necessary winter accessories to the focal point of your outfit.
  • Industrial looking boots – I do remember these from my youth!
  • Motorcycle boots – yes I do have a pair – and no I have never sat on a bike!
  • Combat Boots – I haven’t really been drawn to this style yet – but you never know!
  • Snow boots – no longer worn just in the snow – and some are probably better off getting nowhere near the  white stuff!