My “Go To” Shoe

When I was working in Downtown Dallas – my “go to” Shoe was what used to be called a “Stewardess Heel” – a medium heel with a closed toe- the exact style depending on what heel and toe shapes were in style that season – no straps, and always black.

Some seasons it was more comfortable than others – but generally flattering to the calf and acceptable to my company’s dress code policy.

I’ve no complaints – I had a closet full of them – I admit I am a pack rate and hate to throw anything away!  But now that I get to work from my home office – I get a little more freedom. So my new, “go to” shoe is actually a bootie – still black – this time suede instead of leather – and extremely comfortable.  I can wear it all day and when I take them off – my feet don’t ache – not even my toes!  Plus I can wear it with pants of any length, dresses and even my faded old, jeans.


Summer’s winning swimsuit

Post from Steve:


Summer has hit. It’s time for the beach or a swimming pool to beat the heat. Wondering what hot in women’s swim wear? It’s an old spin on the one piece that is being brought back by the resurgence of the Bay Watch TV series and the new film with the same name that is showing in theaters. Any one of the you fans of the old TV show would know what I am speaking about immediately…….the High cut Leg, red one piece. This one style made Pamela Anderson a star almost overnight. While maybe not a style for everyone, it’s still going to be a fan favorite for those of us that were fans of the TV show.

Where has Winter Gone?

Where has winter gone?  Yes, I know a bunch of you are in the middle of snow and miserable weather – including my partner Julie.  But I live in the South and last winter cold weather was almost non-existent, and so far this year, our weather seems just as mild.  While I appreciate the mild weather for the most part, I do realize that we need the cold to limit or control some of the insect population.  Also, I know retail depends on changes of the seasons to support new clothing sales.  I know last year was a disaster for retailers in the South due to both a warm fall and winter.  Hot or cold, it seems mother nature has been a little confused on what season  to show us.


Post script from Julie: Speak for yourself Steve – Mother Nature knows exactly what she’s doing in my neck of the woods!  We did have a mild fall but she is working overtime the last few weeks!  My sweaters, heavy socks and boots are getting very good use!

Cold Weather Has Arrived in Colorado!

OK – the beautiful fall Colorado weather has left us and will be replaced by frigid cold – tomorrow night will be a low of 20 degrees bottoming out at 7 degrees next Wednesday.

So, I was looking for ideas as to how to stay warm but still look stylish.  Went to my favorite website for fashion tips – Stitchfix – it advised to brighten up winter by wearing burgundy, cobalt blue or bright fuschia, and mix and match it with neutrals.  They say wearing a cherry color may even be a mood lifter.

Another idea was to try a statement scarf – its versatile, practical and very stylish – wear it around your next or wear it over your outer layer – the more casual way you wear it – the  better!

Finally – for that outer layer – consider wearing a vest (super warm, less bulky and very chic) or a puffer coat – they are back in style in again!  Look for a cinched waist style and pair it with over the knee boots.

Over the knee boots – can you say “Pretty Woman”? Would  love to try on a pair – but not sure I have the nerve!  But I’ve got 3 long months to get my courage up!  In the meantime, I guess I’ll just be wearing my ankle boots.

The Pink “Melania” Blouse

Post from Steve:

I can’t think of anyone that I know that is happy about the Presidential election and more importantly, the two main candidates. Never in recent history have we been faced with having to elect the lesser of two evils for one of the most powerful offices in the world, I am not sure we got to this point.

One of the more entertaining events that came out of the debates didn’t even involve Hilary or Donald. It was Melania Trump’s pink blouse. To show you the power of just one event, Melania’s blouse became an immediate internet sensation. The blouse, which sells for over $1,000, sold out immediately after the debate. Needless to say, that is one expensive blouse!

Are you a “Look at Me” Kind of person?

Everybody has a style or a fashion item that makes them feel comfortable or even special. Mine used to be lipstick – I knew if I wore the perfect shade of coral, I was going to have a wonderful day! I’ve now moved on – but I still like a fun bracelet or a quirky necklace – they always pick my spirits up. I don’t necessarily like ones that clink when they move, but I do like ones with bright colors. The more color, the better! Which surprises me, because I guess that should draw attention to me, which doesn’t sound like me. My daughter is a little different – she always wears some type of jewelry, no matter what, but her choices tend to be a little more subtle.

I was heard it described this way, you’re either a splashy chromo or a pastel water color. Which one are you?

The Colors of Fall

When you were little, didn’t you always wish you could name the colors in the crayola box? I always did! To me that would have been a much better job than tasting ice cream flavors.

Now I’m looking at the names given to the “in” colors for this fall chosen by Pantone and I wish I could have that job – or at least get to name one color! But I have to say some of the names of this season’s colors are pretty good. How could you not like “Bodacious” to describe a yummy pink, or Potter’s Clay – a lovely terracotta color, Spicy Mustard – can’t you just picture that shade of yellow? And Sharkskin – who couldn’t envision that tone of gray!

The rest of the colors include: Lush Meadow, Riverside, Airy Blue, Aurora Red, Warm Taupe, and Dusty Cedar. I bet if I put the color swatches on one side of the page and the names on the other, you would be able to figure out what name went with what swatch without much trouble.

I like to think of myself as creative, but I just don’t think I could have come up with names that painted such exact images without the picture.

Which color is your favorite? And which color will you be wearing this fall?

Vogue’s Take on Paris Fashion Week

Vogue’s Take on Paris Fashion Week for Winter 2016 – 2017

First – Only the bold need apply.

Think Pink – from pale pink to deep fuchsia – its back and as feminine as ever!

Vinyl – Sexy sophistication – I know Steve wrote a post about Vinyl awhile ago – a man ahead of his time – but look for it this fall and winter.

Leopard Print – especially in outerwear – in all lengths and styles.

1980’s Shoulders – off the shoulder, one shoulder, with interesting details including big bows!

Midnight Blue Velvet – slinky and seductive – from gowns to 1970 style tuxedo suits

Pleats – that dance and float, in soft mineral beige and blush pink.

The Prince of Wales Check and Black & White Tartans – all bringing to mind the British Aristocracy.

Inter-galactic Shine and Lurex – whether its sequins, or paillettes or even tiny mirrors, an accent or an entire outfit.

Couture Red – a wonderful way to bring warmth to the winter cold.

Ballet School – long lengths, satin finishes, pleats and ruffles – all very feminine – also in nude and blush tones.

Flower Prints – and not just one print – in combination of numerous flower patterns.

Military Jackets – with bows, pompoms and oriental prints.

As you can see from my short excerpt of Vogue’s review, there is something here for everyone.

What Your Birthday Color Says About You

Post from Julie

Both Steve and I have big birthdays this summer so birthdays have been on my mind. I found a cool book written by Michele Bernhardt – “Colorstrology – What Your Birthday Says About You.”

According to Michele – My birthday color is Musk Melon – and its says I’m loving, idealistic and tolerant – I think that’s probably s stretch, but I do love the color!

For Steve – his birthday color is Orange Ochre – it says he’s intelligent, sophisticated and ambitious – not sure about that either (the ambitious, not the intelligence) – but the color is pretty close to burnt orange – which I know Steve bleeds – especially when the Horns have an off football season!

The colors are lovely, its fun to check out your friends and family’s birth dates and see if the color and the characteristics fit them. The book even comes with color swatches for you to tear out and carry about with you – so you’ll always have the exact shade of your birthday color on hand to make the perfect color purchase.

Pantone Color of the Year 2008 – 2016 (Part II)

Post from Julie

Excerpts from “Pantone on Fashion” By Leatrice Eiseman and E. P. Cutler

Year – ColorExplanation

2008 – Blue Iris – Combining the stability of blue with the mystical qualities of purple

2009 – Mimosa – A color to express hope and optimism in a time of political and historical change

2010 – Turquoise – A color to restore the sense of well being we all needed

2011 – Honeysuckle – A shade to elevate the psyche, and help meet the challenges of modern life

2012 – Tangerine Tango – For a recharging boost of energy

2013 – Emerald – To promote insight, balance and harmony

2014 – Radiant Orchid – To encourage innovation, originality to creative thinking

As the Book stopped with 2014, I had to research they picked for 2015 and 2016:

2015 – Marsala – It enriches our body, mind, and soul

2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity – the first time 2 colors were chosen in combination – reflecting connection and wellness, as a soothing sense of order and peace.