Cultural differences

I recently traveled to Greece and was amazed to see that subtle but noticeable differences in what was worn in this country.  Most notable was the overwhelming use of the Greek Key in many of the pieces.  No doubt, this is a symbol of the Greek culture going back centuries.  Maybe it was me, but from first impression the majority of people wore fewer pieces of jewelry than we do over here in the U.S. But while they wore fewer items, what they did wear seemed of higher quality.  I am not surprised, the Greeks were instrumental in bringing the arts and culture to the world, for them to lose this flair for fine jewelry and craftsmanship would be tragic.


Inspiration and Creativity

Steve and I were discussing names for some of our newest designs and during our naming session, we realized we both have very different ways of creating our jewelry.  I usually see a piece of clothing, or even a pair of boots I like and from there I start to imagine what necklace, or bracelet or even what pair of earrings I would want to wear with that particular item.  Or sometimes  I just come up with a color palette for my jewelry that just makes me happy.  Steve, on the other hand, has a very different approach.  He is inspired by nature.  Give him a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or a beautiful Texas sky, and he can create boot bracelets until he runs out of beads! I guess variety is the spice of life.  Good thing there isn’t a right or wrong way.


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