Hairstyles for Hot Weather

Post from Julie

Post from Julie

I have been trying to find a fun new way to wear my hair for the summer – and so I did what everyone does – I did an online search – I found suggestions on Cosmo, elle, Harpers Bizarre and Hot Hairstyle

Seems like there are quite a few trendy options to choose from:
A Single Fishtail Braid (my hair is not long enough – but really cute!)
A Sleek, voluminous pixie -good for anyone with a lot of natural hair texture – again – probably not for me either!
A French knot – who doesn’t like a quick & easy french knot?
Half up half down? – the perfect nonchalance style
How about long with layers – undone beach waves or pin back the front pieces – if only I could!
A low bun – a really chic, sophisticated classic!
There is always the high pony tail – never goes out of style
A tossled shoulder length bob – just the right cut for heart shaped faces who have lightly wavy, medium textured hair
Or a medium length, angled bob – for anyone with round or high cheek bones
AND finally – a slicked back, cropped cut – excellent for fine, short hair – probably the best option for me – wish me luck!

Make the Best of it

Just about anyone would recognize the fashion expert Tim Gunn from the long running “Project Runway” television show. Tim isn’t just a invented fashion celebrity, he’s been involved with fashion and it’s design for most of his life. It was only recently I heard him interviewed and was impressed with how knowledgeable, common sensed, and kind he was to everyone.

His trade mark saying, “Make it work” goes way back and is commonly used in his Fashion Project show. Tim’s who intent here is to steer the contestant to not just keep trying an idea, working a little on it, and then abandoning it to start a new design. It’s more of a life lesson to work with what you have, come up with solutions, and whatever the end result, make the best of it.

This is a lesson that I think all of us can use at times.

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Pair of Flared Pants?

Post from Julie

I just found 2 great pairs of over-sized flared pants or in earlier times, bell bottoms. Of course, they are a little out of my budget – but in case they fit in yours – I wanted to pass them on.

The first are by a young designer with ties to Bogata, Miami and Paris – Esteban Cortazar – the pair I saw first, were in white (with a great frayed hem) and then I found another pair by CE – this pair with a high waist, in a nice denim fabric.

The other really fun pair I found was by Loha Vete – I saw these in a black jean, with a very wide bell. Their website is a bit out there, but I did like that pair of jeans!

All of them were in the $400 plus range – but still – I can wish!!!

Hot Weather Here I Come!

Post from Julie

Hot weather is just getting to Colorado, but most everybody else is in Summer weather Mode.

So I went to one of my favorite places to get my fashion questions answered – StitchFix to get a few tips on layering for summer heat.

The wrap dress is back – this time paired with a denim jacket – which is great for Colorado with its cool nights. Wrap dresses look great on everyone. Pair that with a strappy block-heeled sandal, some really fun drop earrings, and you ready to go – work, play, whatever.

They are also recommending a wide-leg linen pant – not something I’ve had great luck with – I agree they are breathable, but I tend to look slightly limp by the end of the day. And Flutter Sleeve blouses – in a bright color – feminine and cool! Guess I’d better get back to the gym to work on those arms!

EBay Fashion?

Post From Steve

Yes, Ebay is now moving to be your on-line clothing store. I was aware they were planning for this new segment and I just saw my first Ebay Fashion commercial on the TV. It’s another assault on the brick and mortar stores most of us grew up shopping. Our American society is changing to one of shopping from home. I do a fair amount of shopping myself from home. I thought the concept of home delivered groceries was too foreign in the past, but my wife has us set up on Blue Apron and it’s been a wonderful experience. My fear is in 20 years’ people will never leave their homes!

Post from Julie:

I think you could be right! I’ve been a loyal StitchFix customer for almost 2 years!

I will definitely show my age on this one: I can remember when my mom would take us to the City just before school started for our first day of school clothes – best part – we got to have lunch at the department store’s restaurant!

The Business of Scent

Post from Steve

One industry that just seems to constantly be evolving, or at least creating, is the Perfume Industry. All you need to do is skim through a fashion magazine and see all the new perfumes that are out. It’s hard to guess how much goes into creating a new perfume and then the large budget behind the promotion. What I don’t understand is what happens to the prior perfume launches. I guess you either get a following, or the line slowly gets discounted only to be reinvented in a couple of years.

Post from Julie

I’m afraid I’ve switched loyalties from the scent I used for about 5 years to Chanel’s Chance – as you can tell, I don’t change scents easily, but this scent is so nice and light. I love it! I hope it stays around for a long time!

The Newest Pet Rock?

Post from Steve

If you of a certain age, you can remember the Pet Rock fad. It was a bit crazy, but everyone had a collection of rocks. I too had one, that after a couple of years went into the trash. Well the latest trend in jewelry is coming from Charlie De Viel Castel. He’s taking stones and embellishing them with a single precious stone and making cutting edge necklaces and rings. Simple but yet unique, but with a definite upscale price. Check out his website:

North by Northwest

Post by Julie

Just watched that old classic Alfred Hitchcock movie “North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, loved Eva’s clothes so much, I did a little research. Apparently Mr. Hitchcock took Eva to Bergdorf Goodman’s and picked out her clothes for the movie himself.

He also had her cut her waist length hair into a very classic chin length cut and had her lower her natural voice a degree or two. His efforts with her acting ability and natural sex appeal was unforgettable. If you haven’t seen it lately, you should watch it again. And if can, try to notice the outfit she wears to the Auction House – the low back with that simple black & red beaded choker is stunning!

Maybe I’m starting to get old and sound like my parents – but that was a style I wouldn’t mind coming back again -since I missed it the first time around!

My Guilty Secret

For those of your in the warmer climes – Spring has already arrived. But for those of us in the snowier regions – we’ve had a couple of days of warm weather and now are ready for more!

Like most of you, I’ve just finished cleaning my closet and getting rid of stuff that I should have taken out of there years ago! Its really bad when even your grandchildren ask you to please tell them you never actually went out of the house in those striped pants (yes I own a pair of candy striped pink and white pedal pushers- I could say they were capris and sound a little more stylist- but I’ve had them longer than that term has been around!)

But I can’t believe that I am the only one holding on to clothes that have long outlived their expiration date. I hope you will let me know your guilty secret. I’ve confessed mine and supposedly admission is half way to being cured.

Recent Observations by Steve

Post by Steve

The New fashion trend that’s starting to get legs is utilizing you bathroom robe as a coat. It’s a little strange from my perspective, but we all know there’s a certain amount of comfort in our good old robe and now the fashionistas have taken it to another level. I can actually say that I’ve seen a couple of younger ladies out at night wearing this new style. I can also say, it seems better fit to the younger generation and I’m doubtful it will catch on….but I never thought that torn jeans would be such a rage.

So the next time you see someone sporting around in what you perceive as being worn in the bathroom, at the mall or movie theater……YOUR RIGHT.

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