About us

How did we get started?

I’ve always wanted a job where I could wear jeans, a dress shirt and a fun pair of boots.  As my current career requires I wear a business suit and heels, I’m a long wear off!  However, my partner Steve came up with a great idea – if I can’t wear boots to work, at least I could design unique pieces of jewelry for my beloved boots!  So Jeanette Jervais Designs was started.

Where did we get our name?

My grandmother was a very important influence in my life.  She was a wonderful person that taught us a lot of important  things and she was always there for my sisters and brother.  She always loved her name – so in honor of my Grandmother – we named our company Jeanette Jervais Designs.

What do we support?

There are so many worthy causes that need both monetary support and volunteer help.  Unfortunately you can’t help all of them, regardless of how you might want to.  So we have decided to support causes that involve the fight against breast cancer.  This dreaded disease has touched the lives of several people in our organization.  One of those was so affected by it that he was involved in starting a foundation – The Kathy Harkey Foundation.  We have even designed a special line of jewelry in Kathy’s honor.  We will be donating $10.00 from each piece of jewelry sold from this line and will also be supporting this foundation from our other lines.

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