The Business of Scent

Post from Steve

One industry that just seems to constantly be evolving, or at least creating, is the Perfume Industry. All you need to do is skim through a fashion magazine and see all the new perfumes that are out. It’s hard to guess how much goes into creating a new perfume and then the large budget behind the promotion. What I don’t understand is what happens to the prior perfume launches. I guess you either get a following, or the line slowly gets discounted only to be reinvented in a couple of years.

Post from Julie

I’m afraid I’ve switched loyalties from the scent I used for about 5 years to Chanel’s Chance – as you can tell, I don’t change scents easily, but this scent is so nice and light. I love it! I hope it stays around for a long time!

The Newest Pet Rock?

Post from Steve

If you of a certain age, you can remember the Pet Rock fad. It was a bit crazy, but everyone had a collection of rocks. I too had one, that after a couple of years went into the trash. Well the latest trend in jewelry is coming from Charlie De Viel Castel. He’s taking stones and embellishing them with a single precious stone and making cutting edge necklaces and rings. Simple but yet unique, but with a definite upscale price. Check out his website:

North by Northwest

Post by Julie

Just watched that old classic Alfred Hitchcock movie “North by Northwest with Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint, loved Eva’s clothes so much, I did a little research. Apparently Mr. Hitchcock took Eva to Bergdorf Goodman’s and picked out her clothes for the movie himself.

He also had her cut her waist length hair into a very classic chin length cut and had her lower her natural voice a degree or two. His efforts with her acting ability and natural sex appeal was unforgettable. If you haven’t seen it lately, you should watch it again. And if can, try to notice the outfit she wears to the Auction House – the low back with that simple black & red beaded choker is stunning!

Maybe I’m starting to get old and sound like my parents – but that was a style I wouldn’t mind coming back again -since I missed it the first time around!